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Evaluating antipoverty policies, taught by Martin Ravaillon (Georgetown University), NHH,  May 30 РJune 2



Experimental Economics_UMB, UMB, February 25.- March 1. 2013

PhD course in Macroeconomics: Microfoundations of Consumption and Saving in an Uncertain World, University of Oslo, 3.-7. June, 2013 (Please note that this is both a course and a workshop)

Economics of Strategy, UiB, June 10 – 14, 2013

Analysis of Productivity and Innovation Using Advanced Econometric Methods, UiS, June 24.-28.

The Economics of Incentives: Lectures on Labor Supply, Principal-Agent Theory and Personnel Economics by professor Peter Kuhn, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) August 26-30, 2013

Behavioral Economics  by professor David Laibson, Harvard University
Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), October 21-24, 2013

Experimental Economics, BI, November 5-8, 2013



Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects, UiB, March 20.-23., 2012

Economics of Entrepreneurship, UiB, March 27.-30. ,2012

Analysis of Commodity Markets, UMB, June 18. -22. 2012

Experimental Markets, UiB,  September 3. Р7. 2012

Field and Lab experiments in Economics, NHH, October 15. – 19.



Programevaluation and non-parametric estimation, NHH, 07.-11.3.2011

Governance and performance in education, NTNU, 27.05-01.06.2011

Numerical Methods for Economics, UiO, 20.-24.06.2011

Auction Theory: An introduction to Modelling Applied Topics Featuring Private Information , UiB, 06.-17.06.2011

Using Longitudinal Data in Health Economics, UiB, 14.-24.06.2011

Productivity and efficiency analysis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 8.-19.8.2011

Topics in Applied Microeconometrics and International Trade, UiO, 15.-18.08.2011

Analysis of Productivity and Innovation using Advanced Econometric Methods, University of Stavanger, 21.-26.08.2011

Macroeconomics and monetary policy, NTNU, 17.-21.10.2011

Confronting theory with experimental data and vice versa, NHH, November 7‚Äď11, 2011

Economics of competition law enforcement, NHH/UiB, 14.-17.11.2011

Multivariate Likelihood-based Analysis of Financial Time Series, NTNU, 12.-16.12.2011



Macroeconomics and monetary policy, 2010

Policy Instruments in Environmental & Resource Economics, University of Oslo, 26.4.-5.5.2010

Topics in Applied Microeconomic Analysis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 7.6.-18.6.2010

Economics of the Family, University of Bergen, 13.-24.9.2010

Applied Job Search Models and the Analysis of Individual Wage Data, NHH, 11.-15.10.2010

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